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2205. Who was born as terrestrial? (590).    (Received Ivo A. Benda.)          February 25, 2005.

8:569:11 p. m.

Place: Ceska Lipa.







„On this planet Earth were incarnated

people from MANY levels,

from the entire Right Creation,

and also the zone of expulsion.


This terrestrial world can be regarded

as a collection of many kinds of energy,

that have here decided

to get shape to THEIR INTENTIONS.


Everybody does what he knows,

having that brought from another level,

and he is also eligible for CHANGE,

to turn for the better, to modify his frame of mind.


Here is recognized as POSITIVE INTENTION

the effort focused on advancing life upwards,

nearer to the primary Creator;

we have come just from there !


NEGATIVE INTENTION is any time presented

as a positive one;

camouflage is common,

but the subject matter can be always defined as destroying !


Person who selects change,

by means of his choices

converts into opposite state,

in which he primarily did not appear.


That’s also the reason why this place is jumping,

everything is milled,

GRAIN is winnowed,

and the residues drop off as RUBBISH.


Jesus shall gather in KERNEL,

and you will return into Heaven,

to the Paradise of heart;

there nobody stupefies others.


GARBAGE falls into worlds,

that serve as a litter basket;

Darkness here competes:

HOW to rob everybody of his energy.


This process takes place on the Earth

already for a long, very long time for ages,

but one day it will come to an end,

by means of COMPLETE ANSWER.


What it means to negate Life,

the primary Creator?

The answer will be fully depicted

on this hardly tested planet Earth.


That moment already draws near,

it won’t take aeons;

the negative state already ended

in many other levels.


This was transmitted with love in heart

by Ashtar Sheran.“


I thank you, dear Ashtar;

with love and joy I shall deliver the message to all. Ivo.



See the book “NEW REVELATION” OF OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST on  adaptor’s comment.








2206. Are you here alone? (591).           (Received Ivo A. Benda.)               February 25, 2005.

9:119:29 p. m.

Place: Ceska Lipa.







„You have always supposed,

that you are here alone,

but in thoughts of this type



It was transmitted by individuals from the Darkness,

to the end that you would not understand,

that the truth is quite otherwise,

in comparison with what you have heard at school and in media.


It is standard program,

keeping people in the Darkness,

for that purpose they could not liberate themselves

and consequently fly away heavenward.


That’s your developmental stage:

caterpillar becomes butterfly

with waving wings,

and consequently flies towards sky.


This world is woven of a cobweb,

being controlled

by the Powers of darkness;

but you shall overcome them and fly away !


Dear one, where you will return?

Surely Home, you know that !

Into warm arms of the Creator,

who created you with love.


Do not expect miracles at once,

patience will be rewarded;

try to open your heart

and do not close it any more !


You will become aware of the fact,

that in your chest is hidden the key to freedom,

which was forbidden

by this terrestrial Darkness.


That’s unlimited love,

reminding of opening bud

flower calls through the medium of petals

and shares its treasure with everybody.


This was transmitted with love in heart

by Ashtar Sheran.“


I thank you, dear Ashtar;

with love and joy I shall deliver the message to all. Ivo.








2209. Return to your heart (593).          (Received Ivo A. Benda.)                February 26, 2005.

16:31 p. m.

Place: Ceska Lipa.




Return to your HEART,

THERE, where you came from !








2212. The purification of Earth (596).          (Received Ivo A. Benda.)               March 2, 2005.

11:2011:38 a. m.

Place: Ceska Lipa.







„The ones who suffer from illusions,

are against evacuation,

since they do not know that this world is in a sorry state

and do not understand that the purificatory processes are necessary.


The current situation is marked

by many negativities,

that means coarse vibrations

originated by terrestrials.


The planet Earth is living being

that has a right to life in purity,

and does not want any more to tolerate

bad manners of those who harm it.


Many little animals were already relocated

on salvage planets;

only small number of them will be yet moved there

in the course of final evacuation.


Some terrestrials are already eligible for evacuation,

for leaving that dirty environment,

that has an negative effect

on this planet Earth.


Rest of them will have to find

to their own cost,

how much they had harmed

this suffering globe.


Everybody shall witness

the epoch‑making events:

their essence consists in the purificatory processes

taking place on the beautiful planet Earth.


If somebody turns a blind eye to truth,

he will have to endure a lot of suffering,

which was inflicted by him

upon this globe.


Earthquakes, hurricanes and floods

are typical of the purificatory processes,

yet besides such effective tools as diseases,

pandemy in vast regions.


Dear terrestrials, understand at last,

that all the time you are stupefied by scientists,

who just like media,

only talk a lot of nonsense !


They just wanted to grab your energy for themselves

by way of dominance,

they never desired to defend truth;

dear people, understand that, at last.


There’s thunder in the air,

birds already stopped singing,

terrestrials will settle accounts

of their choices and deeds.


This was transmitted with love in heart

by Ashtar Sheran.“


I thank you, dear Ashtar;

with love and joy I shall deliver the message to all. Ivo.







2213. Love between woman and man (597).     (Received Ivo A. Benda.)         March 2, 2005.

14:0314:20 p. m.

Place: Ceska Lipa.







„Where are you, my beloved man?

There, in my heart of hearts,

my dearest darling,

I began to burn with love.


And where are you, my beloved lady?

There, you took refuge in my heart of hearts,

I carry you there with joy,

like a treasure sent from Heaven.


I have been waiting for you for long, my gallant,

regarding you with pleasure yet before you were born,

bringing you love from heaven,

in order that you more easily went through that loneliness bye‑bye !


My girl, I believed in good heart

sent down from Heaven,

so that I could love sweetly,

as we were in love just there.


My boy, I have been looking forward to seeing you so much,

having hidden my love for you,

to preserve it pure like virgin’s love,

which would shine also on the Earth.


Our love is our main portion, the main reason

why we came here from heaven:

to sprinkle the dark world on the Earth,

by way of Light from the Creator Himself.


By means of human life experienced on the planet Earth,

the being in question may liberate oneself

from domination of Darkness,

and return Home in his heart of hearts.


Two hearts united by love,

become red like wine;

that’s the bond of the Right Home,

which caresses us from a child.


My beloved man, I know that you were waiting for me,

I went round to see you for a while,

just to light up the Earth shortly,

and return Home in union.


The beloved primary Creator

has enabled us to fulfil the mission,

to hand over the gift of love pleasing fellowman

who live on this tested planet Earth.


I have never stopped loving you,

making eyes at you, my dear man,

regarding you with pleasure

yet before I was born here.


Nowadays the dream comes true,

the one we came here with:

just to light up souls sleeping on the Earth

and return them back.


This was transmitted with love in heart

by Ashtar Sheran.“


I thank you, dear Ashtar;

with love and joy I shall deliver the message to all. Ivo.







2214. The kingdom of heaven (598).            (Received Ivo A. Benda.)              March 2, 2005.

14:2614:40 p. m.

Place: Ceska Lipa.







„Wide worlds in glowing Heaven

shine in the Creator’s heart,

who keeps them open all the time

for coming souls.


The angelic kingdom of heaven is vibrant

with vivacious LIFE;

the Angels, still in love,

unwind my LIFE from the Creator.


It is not easy to behold

so many lovely worlds;

in infinite number

they adorn Heaven like pearls.


Love and harmony reigns everywhere,

together with dancing, singing, laughter,

and melodious angelic chorales;

lovers love each other.


There perspectives of beauties and bliss appear;

the news goes round all the time,

that the primary Creator

attends to the kingdom of heaven like a mummy.


Here is everybody conscious,

living in truth and wisdom,

developing oneself continually;

life in Heaven is meaningful.


Worlds and universes

are very busy;

Angels travel at all times,

to be enriched by knowledge and existing love.


By life in peace is adorned

the whole kingdom of heaven,

the work of the Creator Himself,

done by way of His absolute love.


So come, dear little man,

into the kingdom of heaven;

after all, you are supposed to stay on the Earth only for a while,

since this is not your Home, as you already know.


This was transmitted with love in heart

by Ashtar Sheran.“


I thank you, dear Ashtar;

with love and joy I shall deliver the message to all. Ivo.








2215. The spring starts (599).                 (Received Ivo A. Benda.)                   March 2, 2005.

14:5715:13 p. m.

Place: Ceska Lipa.







„As the spring starts,

everything is opening from frost;

day by day gets warmer,

light becomes stronger.


Rise in temperature announces love;

the Creator offers Grace everybody

dwelling on this planet Earth;

but who can catch the ascend of the globe?


Just small number of people,

the ones who never let themselves get entangled

in spider’s webs of Darkness,

and were able to step over their shadow.


My beloved, how do you view

this world which does not belong to me any more,

since I have not created it this way;

that’s work of pseudocreators.


The opposites will be manifested

for the sake of love, good and harmony,

and implemented in people,

in this world of absurdities.


Your smile is close at hand,

my little Angel,

that nice red cheek,

dear bleeper near by.


Look at the kingdom of heaven:

that work of mine shines,

the Angels are singing laudatory songs,

thus praising Me the primary Creator.


By the development itself

is always determined unique choice;

I do not step in your affairs,

I offer you freedom, peace.


That spring always signifies

how winter declines;

frost is replaced by light,

the Creator’s love.


This was transmitted with love in heart

by the Primary Creator to His children.“


I thank you, dear Primary Creator;

with love and joy I shall deliver the message to all. Ivo.







2216. Future in heart of hearts (600).  (Received Ivo A. Benda.)                        March 3, 2005.

13:5414:18 p. m.

Place: Ceska Lipa.







„Human kids laugh

without restraint and oblivion,

little children, who already have understood,

enjoy dominance of the scene.


With joy they glide

between puppets,

handing out love,

thus incurring displeasure of controlling structures, pseudofamilies.


As the seer rates the film

which takes place around,

he introduces purpose into it:

love and deliverance.


By work of light you will be moved;

you shall look out of programs and spider’s webs,

and then express the positive state

in the course of thousands tests.


You shall liberate yourself while focusing INSIDE,

by means of wise and positive deeds

not while focusing outside, on veneer,

by means of simulation and affected gestures.


Do not follow people

that’s an illusion always causing pain;

the Creator in heart of hearts and Angels

are the Right counselors.


You would get your fingers burnt several times,

before discovering truth and lie;

but you would learn at once how to DISTINGUISH,

after opening the heart of hearts.


I bring you the cosmic wisdom

from the future of your existence;

I’m you, not somebody else,

but being more developed by way of many lives.


I regulate my past

by means of this advice in heart;

I’m your future version

which you carry in your heart of hears at all times.


Therefore is always provided

wise hint, free and clear;

you may believe me, the past one:

I’m your future angelic version.


We have been thus united for aeons,

as long as the Cosmos with Creation exists;

that’s COSMIC LAW,



In this way

you may sink into your future,

evaluate it in your heart of hearts,

and make the best of it at present !


This was transmitted with love in heart

by Ashtar Sheran.“


I thank you, dear Ashtar;

with love and joy I shall deliver the message to all. Ivo.







2217. The great secret (601).        (Received Ivo A. Benda.)                             March 3, 2005.

14:2114:56 p. m.

Place: Ceska Lipa.







„What can be found in your heart of hearts?

What kind of riches is carried there?

That’s great secret

kept for terrestrials.


But not for Angels,

who dwell in wide Heaven

with open heart of hearts all the time,

adhering to conscious communication.


They continually appreciate

what glitters in truth,

carrying from it wisdom

for facts of life.


The heavenly Angels

make choices with all their heart;

they spare no effort

to live out of their heart of hearts.


These Angels are conscious of the Creator any time,

they love Him very much,

and settle their vital decisions

in truth, love and wisdom.


Thus is life formed

contentedly, nicely and abundantly,

without any disappointment, misfortune;

in heaven we all know that.


Terrestrials are continually baffled

by various problems,

because they regard outness

as their goal‑directed program.


What’s happening on the planet Earth

is a bad mistake:

everybody can any time witness

how human beings suffer and get into trouble.


Dear people, pause at last

and shift your attention;

back down from outer objectives

and stick to the inner ones.


Lofty goal is substantiated

by love to everything what is pure;

love is miracle:

peace comes from Heaven !


You are looking for way out of the labyrinth,

that is leading upwards;

but such way starts in your heart of hearts,

where you have not sought by now !


We, your Cosmic brothers and sisters,

want to clarify primary goal for you:

live by means of the Creator’s Grace

and come back Home again !


This was transmitted with love in heart

by Ashtar Sheran.“


I thank you, dear Ashtar;

with love and joy I shall deliver the message to all. Ivo.







2218. One day (602).                        (Received Ivo A. Benda.)                       March 3, 2005.

18:4719:00 p. m.

Place: Ceska Lipa.






„Day is an interval,

comprising adequate substantiality,

spiritual meaning

determined by the Creator.


Morning twilight

reminds of spiritual resurrection,

of man in the Darkness,

and Creator’s consciousness.


Welling light offers

opportunity for enlightenment,

liberation from reins,

from the dark of night.


Forenoon hours show

maturation of human characteristics;

everybody who calls is cherished

by love and good.


Just at midday,

human being reflects

maximum light;

he may go Home.


Afternoon hours testify

to preservation of day,

and opportunity for returning Home in love,

just as one wishes.


Twilight tinges with sinking

into the Dark worlds,

in proportion to the way

how human being yields to unknown temptations.


Late evening comes,

when temptation culminates into Darkness;

there may withdraw a man

who has left the Light.


The nighttime marks

the Dark worlds of expulsion,

where dwell lost souls

at their discretion.


This was transmitted with love in heart

by Ashtar Sheran.“


I thank you, dear Ashtar;

with love and joy I shall deliver the message to all. Ivo.







2219. Communing of hearts (603).             (Received Ivo A. Benda.)              March 3, 2005.

19:0219:27 p. m.

Place: Ceska Lipa.







„When woman and man mature,

it happens in life,

that they love each other,

as it is known in Heaven.


Once they have revealed their love,

then suddenly begin to understand

how the Creator dwells with them,

in full beauty of divinity.


With that happens

communing of their spiritual hearts;

they integrate own choices

by way of their deeds and actions.


The unification in blaze of Light

stems from moments substantiated by bonds,

which produce parallel deeds

in love, joy and harmony.


Coalescence in the Creator’s arms proceeds,

while united man and woman

are fully aware of the Creator,

who stepped into their lives.


Love is miracle,

which liberates man and woman,

from such limitation

in choices of UNITY.


It is miracle,

when two human beings become united

through the medium of their mature heart,

which is spiritually very conscious.


Union of this kind

occurs everywhere in Creation;

everybody thus shares

and gains consciousness.


The awareness of Unity is based

on life in harmony,

within the entire Creation,

on fully conscious communication.


Through the medium of spiritual heart,

every human being forms

part of the whole Unity the Creation,

that performs miracles of love.


In oneness no being remains unknown,

and there are no lonely hearts;

people share each other,

everybody is integrated in totality.


Nothing could be reverted back;

beings are advancing

towards the primary Creator



This was transmitted with love in heart

by Ashtar Sheran.“


I thank you, dear Ashtar;

with love and joy I shall deliver the message to all. Ivo.







2220. The subconscious processes (604).        (Received Ivo A. Benda.)           March 5, 2005.

6:006:20 a. m.

Place: Ceska Lipa.







„Terrestrials are living on the Earth,

so to speak, under a blanket of mist;

their personality is split,

Spirit and soul are encapsulated.


Therefore the physical body

lacks proper association:

What actually happened?

Who will give me fitting answer, at last?


By way of thousands choices

made in many lives,

everybody got caught

in the webs set by all negative entities.


These entities, without delay,

encapsulated Spirits and souls,

to reign over them

and toyed with physical bodies.


With that, this physical body,

as the last one in sequence of bodies,

lacks the essential particulars,

originally imparted by the Creator.


This last physical body

consequently leads insentient life;

here we defined that



These are actually programs

that were woven by Darkness in advance,

with a view to devitalize body

for thousands of millions years.


Thus lives as if in a dream,

the man who favoured negations,

and left the primary Creator;

but once he shall come back again !


By means of very fine waves,

remote control proceeds easily,

including simulation of „life“,

the „right life  freedom“.


Everything is well hidden,

also by way of camouflage,

so as not to divulge anything



In spite of that,

the Creator produced millions opportunities

for every puppet,

to liberate oneself.


Also we, the Cosmic people dwelling in spaceships,

coming from the Right worlds in Heaven,

where once everybody will return,

lend terrestrials helping hands.


This was transmitted with love in heart

by Ashtar Sheran.“


I thank you, dear Ashtar;

with love and joy I shall deliver the message to all. Ivo.







2221. You have not yet reached the end (605).    (Received Ivo A. Benda.)      March 5, 2005.

6:216:37 a. m.

Place: Ceska Lipa.







„As long as you appear in the negative state,

you have not yet reached the end

what happened in the past,

that goes on, recurring again and again.


You are supposed to regulate

all negative relations,

and to unravel

the origin of all kinds of conflicts.


You are entangled in cycles,

which you have set for yourself

in the course of subconscious processes,

in the negative state tendency to dominance.


You shall enjoy freedom in successive steps,

after many lives

as lately as you would begin

to improve purposefully.


But by that time

you would experience mere slavery,

if you choose

evils, falsehoods and stupid things.


These are specific kinds of energy;

their vibrations are always characterized by disharmony:

that we define

as coarse‑vibratory aspect.


Low frequencies of bodies

with various amplitudes,

create for all beings

nothing but troubles.


People, nature, the Earth,

these all are affected by that;

it causes everybody’s sorrow

your science does not clarify this matter.


You still have possibilities

to change everything once for all,

but you just have to seize them,

we would say TO CHOOSE.


As long as you prefer Darkness,

you would not achieve any essential change;

you would just shuttle between workplace and home,

enslaved and fagged out.


When you have a strong desire

for meaningful life,

then you will choose CHANGES

enabling you to return here.


You would come back to the Right worlds in Heaven,

where nobody yammers;

we are happy while living at Home

in peace, love and harmony.


This was transmitted with love in heart

by Ptaah, who encompasses people with love.“


I thank you, dear Ptaah;

I will convey this short poem with pleasure.



See report No. 2158 Human being as transmitter and definition of vibration quotient in our environment.







2222. Do not want more (606).                (Received Ivo A. Benda.)                 March 5, 2005.

6:426:56 a. m.

Place: Ceska Lipa.







„Human being is a creature

that comes out with requirements any time,

invents various improvements,

but also plunges others into slavery.


Any kind of work is not always

wise and positive one;

by means of MANY activities

may be just wasted energy.


In the negative state,

people do not work

for the good of the whole community,

as you often suppose.


As a matter of fact are developed

negative characteristics,

that are programmed by way of deeds

into genes of your physical bodies.


By way of such deeds,

that cause pain, suffering and diseases;

this is the question of superabundant things

that you have accumulated in your homes.


The corresponding programs

are set in your computers,

with a view to ruin your eyes

and to suck all your energy.


That way is wrong:

a self‑powered loop

robs you of energy,

without contributing to quality of your life.


The quality of life can be defined,

as very wide complex

of relations, values,

and attention paid to perceiving the world.


It begins at things

that surround you;

many of them are thrown in the bin

yet before you have your hands full.


Do not become slaves

of things and services,

that we, the Cosmic people, do without;

newcomers are astonished by that.


In the first instance you would be surprised,

that our houses are empty;

everybody supposes,

that life is substantiated by things.


But that’s just the program

introduced by pseudocreators,

who wanted you to get drawned

in slavery and accumulation of things.


This was transmitted with love in heart

by Ptaah, who encompasses people with love.“


I thank you, dear Ptaah;

I will convey this short poem with pleasure.







2223. When you look up to Heaven (607).       (Received Ivo A. Benda.)           March 5, 2005.

7:027:14 a. m.

Place: Ceska Lipa.







„When you look up to Heaven,

your world will come to a standstill;

you shall see even the ones

who had left you already long ago.


By physical looking up to Heaven,

is spiritually signified interest

in higher worlds,

that are inhabited by us the Angels.


By means of that interest,

you will be once liberated

from slavery, drudgery on the Earth,

and also will be thrown off the yoke of the Darkness.


Everybody may choose

his frame of mind regarding life;

but when you look up to Heaven,

you will become aware of gigantic cosmic vastness.


Are there desolate worlds,

as your scientists made you believe?

Or terrible bugaboos,

according to changed program?


Dear ones, we tell you:

not only that

in the heavenly worlds

also live beautiful people.


Try to open your heart

for love which flows

from the Creator,

who gives full attention to you.


But if you have forgotten

about your heart,

then you are expected

only by those bugaboos in Dark worlds.


That is easy to understand

for a person who turns for the better,

changing pain and stupidity

for love and wisdom.


We, the Cosmic people,

dwell in Heaven,

hovering in spaceships

over everything what here exists.


We are helping you at all times,

by means of love, advice, attention,

and you think about this,

that it is so or not.


As long as your consciousness

does not acquire the knowledge of truth,

pain is followed by suffering

of this daily grind.


This was transmitted with love in heart

by Ptaah, who encompasses people with love.“


I thank you, dear Ptaah;

I will convey this short poem with pleasure.







2224. Dear little star (608).    (Received Ivo A. Benda.)           From March 3 to March 5, 2005.

Place: Ceska Lipa.







„I’m sending you love,

concurrently feeling

your endearment,

perceiving it with joy.


Thank you, my beloved girl;

I would like to be with you,

although perceiving you all the time,

as love reminding of silver thread.


Yes, I feel you, too,

loving you, that’s it

perceiving only harmony, happiness,

calmness and peace.


I know that it is gift presented by the Creator:

to love here, in this Dark world;

yes, but anybody may try

to behold brightness of his heart.


With that he may see faraway places,

where harmony of spheres sprinkled with Angels

will open his heart more and for ever,

since he will understand everything differently.


In love between man and woman

is always comprised enlightenment,

since the primary Creator

is wedded in them.


Therefore I thank you, my beloved girl,

that you have found me there;

I feel in my heart gratitude

and brightness of kermess.


Pure love between man and woman

radiates only happiness;

thus they dwell in arms,

embraced by the primary Creator.


We know each other already for ages:

in Heaven are shining

just happy paradises,

and mutual feeling, caress.


This was transmitted with love in heart

by Ashtar Sheran.“


I thank you, dear Ashtar;

with love and joy I shall deliver the message to all. Ivo.







2225. There’s nothing to it (609).              (Received Ivo A. Benda.)               March 5, 2005.

8:209:13 a. m.

Place: Ceska Lipa.







„Dear little child,

you, small terrestrial trying kid,

there’s nothing to it;

once you shall free yourself from those cobwebs.


It suffices just to realize,

that I do not live here only for myself;

I’m supposed to help fellowmen

to find truth and go.


Anybody who seeks patiently,

shall always get help it will descend from heaven;

he senses day by day,

and thus weighs his steps.


Such man does not make any plans

only drives away his fears,

and confusion replaces

by Right positive deeds.


Step out boldly and resolutely,

do not be afraid of small saurians and puppets face them;

focus your love powerfully,

do not cling to anything and fly !


Hover over pseudos,

bring there brightness of heart;

offer them another choices

and you may laugh at all times.


But you became cognizant of many particulars,

having everything in your heart for ages;

just to get there nearer,

with heart reminding of candle !


Do not jump to premature conclusions,

do not pay heed to anything people say,

neither underestimate, nor overestimate Darkness;

probably you now, that you should not do that.


Rethink your life,

many particulars should be changed in it,

wisely, with feeling,

not thoughtlessly or convulsively.


You are aware of help provided by the Cosmic people,

and consequently draw strength;

but your faith is always partial

it replenishes like measure.


The primary Creator is omnipresent,

he will never let you die, not at all;

he can protect everybody

who is leaving the puppet scene.


This knowledge is important

for departing from this Earth;

then already set out on a journey upwards,

leading Home, to real Heaven.


This was transmitted with love in heart

by Ashtar Sheran.“


I thank you, dear Ashtar;

with love and joy I shall deliver the message to all. Ivo.








2227. Lost being calls (611).                  (Received Ivo A. Benda.)                   March 5, 2005.

12:0412:17 p. m.

Place: Ceska Lipa.







»Once upon a time

you have left your spiritual family, saying:

„I go away, to dwell in the depths

of those wide‑ranging worlds.“


But you have turned steps to another place;

you disappeared in the distance,

and then had changed so much,

in the course of many lives you have spent.


Thus your armchair remained empty,

separation became serious,

but you would like to come back again,

despite the depths of dissociation !


Enormous distance of dimensions lies between us,

the conscious and subconscious state,

the positive and negative one

as you had made your choices.


Now you recognize in your heart

available opportunity for getting back Home,

which you had left long ago;

we, the native ones dwelling here, may see you.


You cannot find dream‑house in the Darkness,

only school of life,

making you understand the meaning of few words,

to become conscious of love, truth and wisdom.


Fresh breeze flows by

the house where you have lived in youth;

there meadow flowers still grow

and the smell of Home calls you.


You have lost the peace

that reigns over the spiritual Home,

since you were separated from the Unity

and we know for how long.


Your Cosmic brothers and sisters

call you all the time:

Come back Home;

that pilgrimage is the day of Darkness.


This journey is not vain effort;

you shall appreciate the Home more:

in the opposite is hidden

the whole profound truth.


There across the waters,

a lark sings towards faraway places,

this way preaching love at everybody,

announcing return of the lost child.


You should already come back Home;

you know, you are thus advised

by us, brothers and sisters, the members of family,

which you have left long ago.


This was transmitted with love in heart

by Ashtar Sheran.“


I thank you, dear Ashtar;

with love and joy I shall deliver the message to all. Ivo.







2228. The heavenly worlds (612).              (Received Ivo A. Benda.)               March 6, 2005.

5:416:04 a. m.

Place: Ceska Lipa.







„For ever and ever there exist worlds,

where nobody is seized by any kind of fear;

there everybody lives in affluence,

having available all one needs.


These worlds with societies,

exist in praising

the One who is hymned

the primary Creator.


Nobody has to worry

about tomorrow, source of income:

these happy worlds

go without money.


There everybody likes fellowmen,

having many welcome opportunities;

all local inhabitants are healthy,

living without vexation, wars and famine.


First and foremost,

there is the CONSCIOUSNESS of the Beloved CREATOR,

the One with his attributes:

good, love, wisdom and harmony.


Dear terrestrials, do not compare

this world with our worlds;

that’s something so reversed

that you would be struck dumb.


The Right Worlds are created

only by real Angels;

their amazing knowledge

is without parallel on the Earth.


Their integral consciousness

works with realities in the right way,

always according to laws

proclaimed by the Creator.


He is the possessor of the Light,

of all supply for Creation,

delivered by way of the Right spiritual principles

from His absolute mind.


All things are composed of vibrations,

of Light  the primary Creator,

since entire life is fed by Him,



Dear ones, thus exert your effort,

to alter your state of ignorance,

focusing on your heart of hearts,

in order to slip out of that trap.


But this world of yours

is not numbered among the Right worlds of Creation:

it is the work of pseudocreators

done with the Creator’s permission.


This was transmitted with love in heart

by Ashtar Sheran.“


I thank you, dear Ashtar;

with love and joy I shall deliver the message to all. Ivo.







2229. Who takes control of that? (613).         (Received Ivo A. Benda.)             March 6, 2005.

6:086:24 a. m.

Place: Ceska Lipa.







„Woodland birds are singing,

and I drop the questioner a line,

since he wonders

what kinds of forces move behind us.


Certainly, in the INNER worlds

it is the question of universes,

elementary particles,

although your scientists call them atoms.


These worlds are vibrant with the Right life,

pulsating in the cosmic course of events;

there is no chaos,

where the existence stands.


From the INNER life

is created the OUTER one;

other worlds are formed

by means of love, truth, good and wisdom.


OUTSIDE worlds always depend

on the internal worlds;

between them pulsate

the CONNECTING worlds.


Everything what you see here

is the manifestation of life;

that all is substantive:

love the foundation of life.


Nothing exists just by itself;

everything is closely interconnected

in entirety unity,

by way of Creator’s wisdom.


Do not believe those who claim

that life was created of itself;

they deny apparent truth

and have never achieved anything.


Calling themselves scientists,

they are manipulated through the medium of waves

by pseudocreators from the Dark worlds,

who are hidden there to deceive more effectively.


To all intents and purposes,

they are just tools supposed to reign over mankind,

over the lost and misguided souls,

who do not seek TRUTH.


How could they hold onto truth,

while having programmed

their minds for millions of years,

and walking in rhythm determined by controllers?


They have replaced personal freedom and purity

by slavery and Dark worlds,

which have created pseudocreators themselves,

not the primary Creator.


This was transmitted with love in heart

by Ashtar Sheran.“


I thank you, dear Ashtar;

with love and joy I shall deliver the message to all. Ivo.







2230. The remote control (614).               (Received Ivo A. Benda.)                 March 6, 2005.

9:189:30 a. m.

Place: Ceska Lipa.







»No, I did not want to speak

about the thread of a story;

after all, we still appear in the environment

spoiled by waves of controlling energies !


With negative intention

were created very fine waves,

that all the time

run across the space.


Pseudocreators craved for dominance

you would be puppets in their hands;

they were bent on doing that

already from the very beginning.


They have encapsulated

parts of the complete Right being,

imprisoned the Spirit, soul,

and just play with physical bodies.


Puppets, that’s the world;

pseudocreators came here,

to learn by experience,

how everyday remote control tastes.


Anybody who was subjected to something like that,

to the puppet topsyturvy non‑life,

will find to his cost,

that it’s no bed of roses.


In the cunning environment,

everything is „like“ set,

down to the last T,

madness from the hell.


When the planet Earth

carries the same mankind for ages,

then in the sweat of its brow

it puppets own history of lamentation.


Everything is distorted,

nothing could be defined as Right;

after all, only handicapped one

is under stronger protection.


He does not have to be integrated

into the immense pseudosystem;

being the builder of his small world,

he does not know anything about humankind.


But this is not the main problem;

special emphasis is put on that experience,

how tastes the world of puppets

surrounding individual in question.


Thus he carries the knowledge

back into the Right worlds,

where is established the Heavenly Home

without any mad persons.


This was transmitted with love in heart

by Ashtar Sheran


I thank you, dear Ashtar;

with love and joy I shall deliver the message to all. Ivo.







2231. The white darkness (615).               (Received Ivo A. Benda.)               March 6, 2005.

20:4821:03 p. m.

Place: Ceska Lipa.







„The night veils landscape,

but there is more snow again,

shining like white jewels,

although the darkness envelopes everything.


Produced white darkness,

likewise the planet Earth,

is, and is not, a penetration of dark and feast:

that’s utterly thaumaturgic effort.


Darkness aims at hiding its intention

and sucking the Light;

on the other hand, the Light aims at uncovering anything

and lighting up the landscape properly.


Thus are linked together two kinds of energy,

which are at variance,

but at all times fully reflect

all their plans.


The process of uncovering goes on,

and the fog of oblivion rises;

now you are supposed again

to bethink yourself of your lot, nature !


You did not have the faintest idea of Darkness and Light;

that is not part of curriculum purposefully,

in order to keep hidden everything,

much like formerly, since the birth of mankind.


That time already runs out,

new stage comes;

the whole transparent TRUTH

will be screened on the scene.


Supported by the Light in Heaven,

people fulfilling their mission

make possible visualization of the hidden,

by means of significant process on the planet Earth.


It’s important to unhide

all human corners,

in the contrast between Light and Darkness,

so that answers could be supplied:


How looks the world,

that without the Creator

rushes for the Darkness,

from downward paths which were set up just by that world?


We can learn and feel,

how are terrestrials all the time

heading for traps of chip technologies,

under the baton of Darkness.


Only those who are marked by courage,

grow stronger and know no fear;

they diffuse the light of knowledge

across black and white region.


This was transmitted with love in heart

by Ashtar Sheran.“


I thank you, dear Ashtar;

with love and joy I shall deliver the message to all. Ivo.







2232. The art of love (616).                   (Received Ivo A. Benda.)                    March 6, 2005.

21:0621:28 p. m.

Place: Ceska Lipa.







„The art of love is gift,

presented to us by the Creator;

but we should know,

how to dispose of it, what next.


That’s coordination of relations,

between people who treasure good manners,

since in their heart of hearts

dwells the Creator Himself.


They know that men should try

to love and become objects of it:

by itself does not exist anything;

life is not all beer and skittles.


How to direct our pure love,

from heart of hearts,

towards fellowman’s inner reality,

manifested in deeds of human happiness and friendship?


Give thus everything you have there;

after all, by sincerity is adorned

every Right man,

and drawn attention of Angels in Heaven.


They give support

anybody who feels love,

for fellowmen and himself as well,

but above all for THE CREATOR.


Keep on with effort,

to be pure and honest;

then you would sail along,

reminding of clean and light snow.


You can see the Light at all times;

its brightness is incomparable;

yes, the guardian angel

stays with you for long.


What could happen,

when you surround everything with love,

and light up other hearts,

which then make the same, do you know?


This was transmitted with love in heart

by Ashtar Sheran.“


I thank you, dear Ashtar;

with love and joy I shall deliver the message to all. Ivo.







2233. The bearers of illusions (617).   (Received Ivo A. Benda.)                        March 6, 2005.

21:4822:02 p. m.

Place: Ceska Lipa.







„When you live without love.

reminding of houses standing on sand,

pull yourself together quickly,

with regard to your human destiny !


Without love you would become

TOYS in hands of pseudocreators;

then you would not advance higher at all,

dear people, you bet !


Lives on the planet Earth go on,

alike boats on heavy sea;

you would get lost and drowned in waves,

without pharos of light.


Do you think that

you will just talk to them,

and they will set you free,

so that you might embark on journey leading to Paradise?


Such persisting ideas

are only human ILLUSIONS;

their BEARERS fall

deeper into Darkness.


You swirl like a feather,

in rhythm of energies utilized by pseudocreators;

you are dancing to their tune;



All people living on the planet Earth,

deal with the problem of DOMINATION,

apart from area of nation

they have come from.


You bet, human child,

that there is long way to go:


thousands of tests will be consequently managed.


Then once you shall behold

that whole hard job of people,

in rhythm of programs control,

advanced in workshops of pseudocreators Darkness.


Pluck up courage,

you have passed plenty of your „lives“ in humiliation;

dear one, deport yourself with dignity,

and you will be delivered through THE BRIGHTNESS OF HEART.


Alike the Angels in heaven,

also you shall ONCE perceive

the whole naked TRUTH;

then you shall face all the facts with understanding.


LOVE is that key;

do not dance everyday on that puppet scene,

on this thaumaturgic Earth,

by way of your deeds.


This was transmitted with love in heart

by Ashtar Sheran.“


I thank you, dear Ashtar;

with love and joy I shall deliver the message to all. Ivo.







2234. Just come to halt (618).                 (Received Ivo A. Benda.)                  March 6, 2005.

22:0422:14 p. m.

Place: Ceska Lipa.







„When the wind swirls in country,

it announces THE CHANGE OF MOOD,

just as the Earth treasures

the purity of its living.


The globe is able

to guide the hand of its fate,

and to drive out those,

who might not survive on it.


They are human parasites,

the ones who love

to overexploit sources of energy,

and behave like idiots.


Their time will be over soon,


more frequently than ever,

in regions of this beloved planet.


The globe is strong enough,

to get rid of all malice,

of all individuals who just wanted to make a pile,

reminding of voles.


The charming planet Earth

has been rotating for long ages,

while wandering along the boundless universe,

as integral part of it.



you are near the bone;

now there is gaping chasm in front of you,

and turning point shadows forth.


It is up to them,

whether or not they will already realize,

that it is impossible to live this way,

behaving like locusts.


Seek humility in your heart,

try to lay hold of modesty,

to substantiate the meaning of life by it,

and light the way for fellowmen.


This was transmitted with love in heart

by Ashtar Sheran.“


I thank you, dear Ashtar;

with love and joy I shall deliver the message to all. Ivo.







2235. Be aware of beauty (619).               (Received Ivo A. Benda.)                March 6, 2005.

22:2022:34 p. m.

Place: Ceska Lipa.







„Oh, I admire that magic beauty of heart;

you would be raptured

by awareness of that,

and lifted towards celestial heights thanks.


Why should be ignored what is beautiful?

Simplicity of white heart provides warmth,

emanating from that what always remained unknown

to seeking human bud.


Everybody is fascinated by impressiveness,

love springing from the hearts

pumping blood pulsing in veins of all people,

and reviews present attitudes.


And as you stare more fixedly

at the gold brightness of hearts surrounding you,

they will flood you completely

with that what is in Heaven known with compassion.


That’s bliss itself,

radiating in human version

like rare flower,

which was blown by spring wind.


You know, that nothing could come to existence

not a thing could be long‑lived,

without love sincerity,

without pure intentions.


What was not built with tenderness of bosom,

will soon bury the individual,

who thus also caused,

that it was short‑lived.


However, anybody might understand,

that LOVE is that key,

fitting family happiness,

and existence of those who have already forgotten.


Who has sought the beloved one

in heart of hearts,

calls unvarnished beauty

to his unclouded mind.


This was transmitted with love in heart to all

by Ptaah, who encompasses people with amour.“


I thank you, dear Ptaah;

I will convey this short poem with love.







2236. What they did not tell you (620).         (Received Ivo A. Benda)              March 7, 2005.

6:206:35 a. m.

Place: Ceska Lipa.







„One time the humankind

shall attain higher spiritual level,

regarding awareness of itself, Creation,

and above all, of THE PRIMARY CREATOR.


Already long before,

terrestrials put aside

all spiritual principles,



Under the baton of pseudocreators,

that all disappeared

in depths of ages:

instead people worship dark and traditions.


Terrestrials thus show

their deep ignorance,

fitting in with whole non‑life

in Heaven we call it THE DEAD LIFE.


There is something uncanny about this life:

as if magic enchantment permeated long ages,

and as these come from Heaven,

fireflies light up.


What is that Right shape of society?

What they did not teach you in school?

Teachers themselves were preprogrammed

by pseudocreators from the Darkness !


If you do not perceive

contacts with heavenly Angels,

somebody went to great length

to stop that.


By itself does not exist anything;

much energy is wasted on misrepresentation,

to produce illusion that everything is OK

that reality is its very opposite.


Terrestrial life does not bear comparison

with heavenly existence:

this situation was produced

by foxy wiseacres from Darkness !


Thus men with fully developed feeling,

you are one of them,

look upon everything with suspicion

and from childhood frame questions.


We offer you more opportunities

for liberation from terrestrial life;

some of you come back,

to lead life in Heaven.


Your teachers also did not tell you,

that part of terrestrials,

in living body or without it,

returns into Paradises of the Right Creation.


This was transmitted with love in heart

by Ashtar Sheran.“


I thank you, dear Ashtar;

with love and joy I shall deliver the message to all. Ivo.








2237. The chip slavery (621).                  (Received Ivo A. Benda.)                  March 7, 2005.

6:406:53 a. m.

Place: Ceska Lipa.







„Over the last 20 years

the information science changed the world,

but NOT the quality of life,

which was not prolonged as expected.


Nowadays terrestrials

do not have so much leisure time,

as they had in the past,

especially in the Middle Ages.


Everybody is rushed off his feet:

he gets involved in activities,

and SUPPOSES that these are the right ones,

but bent with age, he re‑evaluates many of them.


Small saurians in the Dark worlds,

establish slavery by rote,

little by little, inconspicuously,

at a distance from underground !


Terrestrials themselves did not invent technologies:

their heads were filled with corresponding ideas,

supplied by foxy guys from the Darkness,

for the purpose of tyrannizing.


These guys want to realize their intentions;

they do not subordinate their interests to yours,

which were included in programs,

in order that people would not get frightened.


Nowadays chipization goes on everywhere,

irrespective of warning

sent by us, the Right people,

who were not conquered by Darkness.


Under pretence of „advantages“,

in all sections

are introduced new technologies,

not excepting people.


But such „advantage“ only signifies

another derived energy,

which will be harnessed by the pseudocreators

for creating slavery.


They do not give people leisure time,

who consequently cannot again live as they should,

neither form Right relations;

thus are liquidated even families.


In Ceska Lipa, where you dwell,



cultivated by parents man and woman.


Disintegration of relations continues;

who will not turn for the better shall lose,

having played dishonest and dark game,

which was consecrated by leaders.


This was transmitted with love in heart

by Ashtar Sheran.“


I thank you, dear Ashtar;

with love and joy I shall deliver the message to all. Ivo.








2238. Trying to catch a birdie . . . (622).         (Received Ivo A. Benda.)            March 7, 2005.

                                                                                                       6:577:09 a. m.

                                                                                                 Place: Ceska Lipa.







»The terrestrial leaders

pass our information of light over IN SILENCE:

that’s the strategic concept

put into their bodies by controlling pseudocreators.


Thus is by means of subtle waves manipulated

everybody belonging to the overwhelming majority of those,

who occupy key functions

within your institutions.


They walk as if in dream;

something comes, but these leaders do not say a word,

being seized by fear,

which keeps them in that controlling position.


In similar situation appear other people,

who dwell in all spheres you know about:

more than 6 000 000 000 terrestrials

remind of puppets from 90 percent !


Everything is preprogrammed;

it is convenient to everybody,

until he needs more,

but it is already too late.


As if the whole history of mankind

reflected old adage:




Consequently relative prosperity in the course of history

usually lasted only for few years of plenty,

before people were directed

towards the Darkness  their worlds.


Do not you know,

how short is your life on the planet Earth?

And they did not tell you anything

where you are to go after death !


They cannot inform you about that:

since then terrestrials would understand,

that their lives unfold only



Therefore not in compliance with their careers

or in proportion to a heap of individual merits,

but according real deeds,

producing concrete vibration.


By the vibration of physical energies

they are defined into such spheres,

which it tunes in

like a musical instrument.


Thus are dissonant low vibrations

transferred swimmingly to the Dark worlds,

while harmonious energies of love

to the worlds in Heaven.


This was transmitted with love in heart

by Ashtar Sheran


I thank you, dear Ashtar;

with love and joy I shall deliver the message to all. Ivo.







2239. Where you will carry their chip? (623).    (Received Ivo A. Benda.)          March 7, 2005.

                                                                                                       7:107:22 a. m.

                                                                                                 Place: Ceska Lipa.







»Since we, the Angels,

can travel in time,

we are also liable to look into

kitchen of the Dark worlds.


Therefore we always know,

what kind of controlling programs

small saurians cook for you,

in view of this terrestrial illusion.


Do not suppose any more,

that they love you:

they do, maybe only like puppets,

as source of fear coarse vibrations.


They stuff themselves with that,

just for that reason rear you

on the temporary station:

on this planet Earth.


Then they would put you calmly aside,

to their Dark worlds,

in their laboratory,

as if you were only poor small insect.


Nowadays they increase

the proportion of controlling energies;

they have at their disposal chip technologies

they always had them !



Surely, EVERYWHERE  thanks;

they are going to implant it into EVERY THING on Earth,

also into your human BODIES.


Pseudocreators are cold,

and use as excuse anything,

to control effectively

quality of services and goods.


They do not have to appear in a role of doers,

since puppets themselves undertake it,

after getting systematic induction training provided by scientists and firms,

while being just a tool in hands of media managers.


And yet they are not aware of the fact,

that nature is artificially maintained by us,

the Cosmic people,

who thus grant time for freeing.


Consequently will be liberated people,

who have chosen that and noticed something,

but above all, who TURNED FOR THE BETTER,

and prefer pure energies.


You all shall see,

how those who reign from the Darkness,

later will treat you,

people saying „yes“ to them.


This was transmitted with love in heart

by Ashtar Sheran


I thank you, dear Ashtar;

with love and joy I shall deliver the message to all. Ivo.








2240. The Primary Creator of everything and everybody (624).    (Received Ivo A. Benda.)    

                                                                         March 7, 2005.

                                                                                                   15:4115:58 p. m.

                                                                                                 Place: Ceska Lipa.








„The Creation substantiates

its ages, aeons of multicosmoses,

beings who agreed to be born

through the medium of love and goodness.



the One who transcends the time,

by means of His intelligence permeates everything created.

although He was not created by anybody.


He helps everybody

by way of absolute love, good and wisdom,

nut does not have anybody on a string,



Thus beings created by Him,

make continually choices what to do or not;

consequently their knowledge increases,

and Creator’s deep Grace is granted.


Being develops awareness of Creator constantly,

in various ways;

by relationship between living creature and the Maker

is specified the position in the entire Creation.


By means of frequent choices of life,

its qualities are dealt with,

and many questions are answered, including:

What should be avoided?


The relationship between the Creator

and living creature,

will be manifested in it by real selections,

which it decided to make.


The more of pure energies of love,

good, truth and wisdom is utilized,

the better position and the deeper relationship

that creature establishes with the beloved Creator.


The one who loves the Creator,

makes it known through the medium of his life;

such being does not have to speak too much about that,

since the outcome is determined by affirmative decisions.


Individual who neglects of the Creator

and makes another choices than the ones he should make,

consequently by way of their impact

he retreats into the Darkness, away from the Creator.


The entire Creation is fed

by vibrations of absolute energies;

the Creator lets everybody utilize them

according to free will of living creature in question.


But in any concrete freedom is always comprised

RESPONSIBILITY for steps into the unknown;

everybody finds to his cost the CONSEQUENCES,

and thus his KNOWLEDGE rises to higher level.


This was transmitted with love in heart

by Ashtar Sheran.“


I thank you, dear Ashtar;

with love and joy I shall deliver the message to all. Ivo.








2241. About happiness and friendship.         (Received Helena N.)             February 15, 2005.

                                                                                                             Place: Zlin.







„Regarding happiness and friendship we would say,

that these do not cost anything at all;

it suffices just to show little trust and love,

and do not worry about

what will happen few days later.


Such relation can be preserved

as long as both partners will communicate in all sincerity,

help each other

and maintain inner calm.


They might also get to the beginning of love

and permanent relationship,

returning again and again

by way of thousands words.


How much I need you;

and I promise, that above all I want to fill your heart with happiness,

regarding your wishes as mine

joy in your heart of hearts

evokes smile on my face.


With love I wish you every happiness,

success in your life,

and that your eyes are alight with bliss,

like two small flames

lightening up your path.


We could write yet much more

about love and friendship,

even into blank book,

which somebody just put aside;

rest of the story will be yet recorded.


When man is seized by inspiration from Heaven,

and from all sides he has been inspired by the Muse,

who changes trains of thoughts

the expected miracle,

first and foremost,

has to grip the attention.


Thoughts flow in your mind,

and maybe you should ask:

Why this man, whose FRIENDSHIP I regard so highly,



With love and all due respect to friendship,

your faithful Ashtar Sheran and Pleiadeans.“








2244. Voice of angels.                           (Received Mirael.)                         January 23, 2005.

                                                                                                           23:15 p. m.








„I hear heavenly angels speaking,

their voice is mellow and melodious.


They utter words of love

and at once the world becomes fairly beautiful.


If you all will love fellowmen,

and wear your heart on your sleeve,

this world shall change into heaven on earth.


That’s our Creator’s Law,

thus is manifested the cosmic regularity:

the one with loving heart

is able to accomplish anything.


To work with love for the Creator,

to work with love for fellowmen:

that’s the task we are supposed to perform here,

and we should not tackle any other.“








2245. Love from Heaven.                      (Received Mirael.)                       February 17, 2005.

                                                                                                             8:55 a. m.







„When you hang on our every word

and feel love in heart,

then we are hovering over you in spaceship,

giving you amour.


That’s love from Heaven,

from the expanding universe,

love so strong, great and profound,

aroused by the Creator.


You have it in heart every day,

carrying it as indweller;

that’s heavenly love,

the one from the Creator.“







2250. The shining colours (625).              (Received Ivo A. Benda.)               March 10, 2005.

                                                                                                       6:437:05 a. m.

                                                                                                 Place: Ceska Lipa.







„In everything what you see around,

is comprised Creator’s tonality,

which He presented for your sight,

as veritable miracle.


By interplay of colours

is formed part of your terrestrial life:

it has vital function

man understands that only in the Darkness.


Colours impact significantly

on everybody’s psyche,

since they feature

in quality of environment.



are light shades of white,

including whiteness itself,

matching in rainbow.


Dear people, you see,

that hardly anybody takes notice,

how are people linked

with the Right worlds by means of shining colours.


That’s kind of vibrations,

which continually flows

across the shining colour,

from the Right worlds in Heaven.


So that it is emitter of energies,

transmitting them into this environment,

and thus is reasonably improved

balance on this globe.


Sun is the strongest,

since its gold light

illuminates smoothly anything what is dark,

what appears on the Earth, in the zone of expulsion.


The yellow colour

is warm like Sun;

it has many tones,

appealing to anybody.


Colorous of dress affect

your vibration balance:


your radiating through the medium of chakras.


Black and dark are colours,

in which energy disappears like in realms beyond recall:

thus you would be interconnected with the Dark worlds,

and mouched through the black hole.


Therefore use colours carefully:

the red sets off other colours;

by your colourful background

is affected your life significantly.


This was transmitted with love in heart to all

by Ptaah, who encompasses people with amour.“



I thank you, dear Ptaah;

I will convey this short poem with love.







2251. Slavery nowadays (626).                (Received Ivo A. Benda                March 10, 2005.

                                                                                                   10:1910:29 a. m.

                                                                                                 Place: Ceska Lipa.






„People on the planet Earth

nowadays experience real enslavement,

in all kinds of work,

which is in full swing here.


Workers are on twelve‑hour exhausting shifts

not only in manufacturing firms,

but also when providing services,

for example employees in health service.


Perhaps anybody might imagine

what quality of service is offered,

when employee is exhausted

and yet fully occupied.


Eight‑hour shifts are extended

to twelve‑hour ones,

and concurrently is laid off

„surplus“ labour.


As if workers were wretched slaves,

not free people;

however, they have determined such fate themselves

through the medium of many choices they made.


Every man experiences

just what he has selected,

by means of correlative choices

made during previous period of development.


These are continually reflected nowadays,

since he put into effect various decisions,

also in past lives,

not just in this one.


Everybody thus might understand,

that formerly he had bungled something;

and now the troubles he caused others earlier and did not compensate for,

come back home to roost.


The man who had led moral lives,

does not work like a slave today:

he has more time to hone his skills

and to advance significantly on the Spiritual path !


This was transmitted with love in heart

by Ashtar Sheran.“


I thank you, dear Ashtar;

with love and joy I shall deliver the message to all. Ivo.








2252. The truth is quite otherwise (627).       (Received Ivo A. Benda.)           March 10, 2005.

                                                                                                   13:1213:25 p. m.

                                                                                                 Place: Ceska Lipa.







„As you were born on this globe

with concrete intentions,

you, dear people of various kinds,

have accepted early childhood.


By your infancy is symbolized,

that in this Creation

you remain spiritual children,

even when becoming bent with age.


It is negative state;

however, you might grow up, to be no longer in your infancy,

that lasts mostly many lives,

not only one day.


There is no childhood,

neither physical, nor spiritual one,

in mature Right societies,

according to their development.


Here on the planet Earth

you appear in negative controlling state;

you have to wriggle out of it

and transform your physical body.


Change your negative mortal frame

into positive state of mind;

that requires comprehensive change,

our biologist-doctors would lend you helping hand.


But the main thing to be accomplished


marked by choice of positive moral life,

not of fatal pseudo.


Turn upside down

anything what they have taught you in school:

thus you could approach to plain and real truth

in all probability.


Since here is the pseudoworld

controlled by means of remote waves,

you might perhaps easily understand,

that it is necessary to RE‑EVALUATE EVERYTHING.


Begin with deliberation,

what way of living should be followed,

whether or not you should be at somebody’s back and call

and lead topsy‑turvy life.


It would suffice just to realize,

that the Creator watches over everything;

He has at all times full power

over the entire puppet creation.


The Creator formulates rules,

where the Powers of darkness may play, and what they may commit;

only by means of YOUR DECISIONS



This was transmitted with love in heart

by Ashtar Sheran.“


I thank you, dear Ashtar;

with love and joy I shall deliver the message to all. Ivo.







2253. Therapy for spiritual heart. (628).       (Received Ivo A. Benda.)             March 13, 2005.

                                                                                                   17:2017:37 p. m.

                                                                                                 Place: Ceska Lipa.







„Therapy for spiritual heart

is of cardinal importance, man;

that’s the process which is directed

towards its REOPENING.


As the basis serves LOVE:

without love you would get nowhere;

it is within reach at all times,

in your HEART OF HEARTS, at the CREATOR.


First and foremost,

blocked and closed heart

has to be set in motion TO ROTATE,

and the biggest BLOCKING must be CLEANSED.


The primary Creator of everything and everybody

shall assist you in that,

because He always takes INTEREST

in purification of your heart.


And also we, the Cosmic people,

shall lend you helping hand;

we are as busy as little bees,

since we work on renewal and loving kindness of hearts.


You may support this process

by means of your interest,

focused on love to nature, animals

and your fellowmen living around.


This process is the key,

to your complete liberation

from this puppet controlling scene,

set by pseudocreators.


The spiritual heart serves as instrument,

enabling you to develop FEELING,

and subsequently you may appear



When the heart is purified,

then one harmonizes himself with other bodies

the mental and physical ones, soul and Spirit,

gradually, in tune THE SPIRITUAL WAY.


Thus you may get the key

to supply of loving kinds of energy,

radiated by all beings from the Right Creation

and the Creator by way of Grace.


You could heal the heart

any time you want;

perhaps all the people will already understand

how important is the process of THERAPY.


The Angels in heaven make you more aware of love,

through the medium of their help:

you shall receive the spiritual implants,

progressively, as the need arises.


This was transmitted with love in heart

by Ashtar Sheran.“


I thank you, dear Ashtar;

with love and joy I shall deliver the message to all. Ivo.







2254. We forgot to grow old. (629).           (Received Ivo A. Benda.)              March 15, 2005.

                                                                                                   10:4911:09 a. m.

                                                                                                 Place: Ceska Lipa.







„We, who have made up our minds

to descend on the Earth,

we have opened the door to youth

and left aging process behind.


We are protected sufficiently

from premature senescence,

by means of our positive deeds,

laughter and humour shining through puppets.


We have never reconciled ourselves

with becoming powerless,

with living on the fringe of society,

being a burden on fellowmen.


We love everything what is endowed with beauty,

both the INNER AND OUTER ONE, without cheep effect:

After all, what is more precious that PURE LOVE,

which STOPS aging?


Love has the power of youth

that returns back quickly,

to eliminate all infirmities

of old age.


As everything is transient,

also laughter may take the place of old age:

that real and gentle mirth,

coming from the bottom of one’s HEART.


To love means to abolish aging,

which would never come back any more,

if you choose the love of life;

people, you should already understand that !


Nowadays miracles happen:

even on the terrestrial puppet scene

some shall regain their perfect freedom;

they have built the hedge against senescence.


What could be more desirable,

than to experience this MIRACLE,

to have healthy body full of energy

and consequently to bring diseases under control?


This was transmitted with love in heart

by Ashtar Sheran.“


I thank you, dear Ashtar;

with love and joy I shall deliver the message to all. Ivo.







2255. Build up your heaven. (630).            (Received Ivo A. Benda.)             March 15, 2005.

                                                                                                   15:1015:26 p. m.

                                                                                                 Place: Ceska Lipa.








„Dear people, living on the planet Earth,

you should just realize,

that you could have your life under control;

then you may try your best.


Leave all checkers,

who just keep you on the trot,

things, associations, firms and visions,

which produce only ILLUSIONS.


Everybody here is solely involved


which was developed in the Dark worlds

some time ago.


But in that program is not taken

into account YOUR LIBERATION,

which will be provided by SPIRITUAL HEART

within your chest.


If you become aware of that,

you get an instrument leading you,

but it has to be properly open

against the will of Darkness.


In that heart dwells THE CREATOR,

who surrounds you with love,

but lets things run their course,

since the remote control was your CHOICE.


You should rather favour Heaven,

where reigns love and goodness;

there are controls left

and love came to the fore.


It is the question of your RELATIONS,

the structure of love

formed on your globe,

which actually is and is not.


Your world of shadows,

which is artificially based on puppets

and remotely controlled from Darkness,

might turn over from day to day.


All depends on your CHOICE,

which YOU HAVE TO make,

sensing it every day:

Why you would not prefer the Light?


By peaceful co‑existence is marked freedom;

nobody would become a subject of remote control:

nowadays you already communicate by means of mobil,

something like that should be understood.


Your illusion supplied from Darkness crumbles

and will be dissolved by the Light;

in that fancy sprang a leak,

therefore Heaven will appear soon.


This was transmitted with love in heart

by Ashtar Sheran.“


I thank you, dear Ashtar;

with love and joy I shall deliver the message to all. Ivo.







2256. Live together in harmony. (631).        (Received Ivo A. Benda.)             March 15, 2005.

                                                                                                   15:3015:42 p. m.

                                                                                                 Place: Ceska Lipa.








„History of mankind on the Earth was shaped

by wars and struggles for energy;

negative state is based on TAKING

any kind of energy from everywhere.


When you once get to know

what may be accomplished by LOVE in life,

then never comes on your mind

to fight as before any more.


There is abundance of anything in all places;

the primary Creator is omnipresent,

so that His pure intelligence circulates

in everything what you see.


Therefore do not worry all the time

about any kinds of energy,

and begin to give from yourselves

by means of loving deeds energies.


Why the majority of terrestrials

keeps deceptive illusion,

that abundance is conditioned

on continual taking?


The negative remote control

was caused through the medium of many choices:

negative beings will be like putty in hands of entities

who sent rolling waves on them.


In all your thoughts is reflected

the controlling program,

which is based on seemingly endless

GATHERING of various kinds of energy.


But once will be put an end to such gathering:

one day the taker will descend into darkness,

since according to his choices

he had gradually cut off his energies.


I would not wish something like that on anybody,

but most people make such choice

because of ignorance,

which is fed from Darkness.


When you behold the brightness of truth and good,

then you will leave behind an energy theft,

drawing a lesson from your decline,

learning how to give in years to come.


When you sense the problem of taking,

then you will open your heart,

finding there wealth

abounding in a large number of the Right worlds.


And further, also experiences

indicating wisdom of the ages,

acquired during hundreds of thousands of lives

you have passed.


This was transmitted with love in heart

by Ashtar Sheran.“


I thank you, dear Ashtar;

with love and joy I shall deliver the message to all. Ivo.







2257. The profession of love. (632).     (Received Ivo A. Benda.)         March 15 and 16, 2005.

                                                                                                 Place: Ceska Lipa.








„I love and caress,

being deliriously happy:

yet while living,

I’m burning with love for you, my BELOVED one.


I have that feeling from old days,

when we were interconnected

through the medium of spiritual hearts,

in celestial life, before we were born on the Earth.


There we shared so much joy,

while drinking from the cup of happiness,

together with the whole society

composed of shining and loving Angels.


You are incarnated here

together with me,

in order that our burning hearts

could be united again.


They might illuminate this globe,

and light up fellow men,

like in Heaven;

we are capable of that, you know.


It seems, that not long ago,

we have slipped into little body

of newborn terrestrial child,

allegedly supposed to forget.


But we have not forgotten,

we found each other,

thank our Creator,

who stands by at all times.


We knew how to love and care

already long ago,

there, in the Right worlds, in Heaven,

and now we are bringing love to terrestrials.


You are protected here,

by means of life led in accordance with spiritual laws

and pure love if only it flourishes on the whole globe,

if only people awake in Heaven.


This was transmitted with love in heart

by Ashtar Sheran.“


I thank you, dear Ashtar;

with love and joy I shall deliver the message to all. Ivo.







2258. The programme of remote control (633). (Received Ivo A. Benda.)       March 16, 2005.

                                                                                                     9:4510:05 a. m.

                                                                                                 Place: Ceska Lipa.








„What aims have pseudocreators

and small saurians in view,

regarding remote control for ages

on very odd terrestrial puppet scene?


First and foremost,

they want to create BLOCKINGS in people,

according to plan focused on lives,

in the course of future incarnations.


Meant are blockings in the energy system:

from the total number of 12 chakras would stay untouched only one,

so that the puppet would be cut off

from the Creator’s feeding the Life.


Pseudocreators follow the objective of STEALING THE HEART:

to close the heart chakra,

in order to prevent puppet

from inner communicating with Angels.


Thus is defined important goal:

to make inner connection impossible,

and consequently to transpose it on the level of inner communication,

through organs of speech to guide thinking.


For that purpose is supplied technology,

computers, mobiles, nets,

and consequently are wrapped cobwebs around the puppet,

that is then shaking in bonds of death.


They want the puppet to move on fabulously;

for the occasion it should worship to THE GOLDEN CALF,

meat hung in front of a dog,

outer tinsel, tangible property.


Thus is set in a self-powered loop;

after all, nobody would reveal anything:

daft puppet just moves on

as a slave of firm job and „home“.


Small saurians enjoy yourselves,

while observing the terrestrial puppet scene,

political systems



They call it democracy;

the human puppets swallow the bait,

since that’s their civilization,

but in Darkness, WITHOUT contact with Heaven !


Their future dead lives,

will pass in another worlds

with different living standard, in slavery,

not on the planet Earth.


They shall dwell on green worlds without technology,

in full impact of wild nature,

or they shall live in underground slums,

to fetch and carry for food, clothing and air, according to their choice.


This was transmitted with love in heart

by Ashtar Sheran.“


I thank you, dear Ashtar;

with love and joy I shall deliver the message to all. Ivo.







2259. The Ash Mountains (634).        (Received Ivo A. Benda.)           March 18 and 19, 2005.

                                                  Place: The bus Prague Ceska Lipa, there and back.








„These mountains, wrapped in charm,

captivated your heart;

that all was offered to you

by beloved Mother Earth.


They give off thousands of smells;

it is impossible to map

all vast tors,

which are rounded by many ice phenomena.


This green realm

will drag you in its arms,

and then has something to say all the time,

while kissing you.


I have walked along these mountains in all directions,

where only few people come;

there I felt like in Paradise,

accompanied by heavenly Angels.


Although sometimes I seemed to walk alone,

I was never alone;

somebody was always going with me,

at least one of the beloved Cosmic friends.


I did not recognize this at that time,

but I felt that there was present somebody,

who also loves the Ash Mountains

together with the whole planet Earth.


One of the unforgettable meetings

took place on the Vysoka Hole,

on the hillside, apart from tourist districts,

in the bosom of intact nature.


That occurred close to the underground base,

which was already abandoned,

by reason of forthcoming

destructive worldwide earthquake.


But the Cosmic friends are still here,

helping terrestrials from cosmic spaceships

by means of love and wise guidance,

which would be never adequately appreciated by anybody.


This was transmitted with love in heart

by Ashtar Sheran.“


I thank you, dear Ashtar;

with love and joy I shall deliver the message to all. Ivo.







2260. The long‑held dream (635).             (Received Ivo A. Benda.)             March 19, 2005.

                                                                                                       8:108:28 a. m.

Place: The bus Ceska Lipa Prague.







„When people steadily shake their heads,

being surprised at the strange way

of leading terrestrial lives,

then they frame important questions.


The Creator endowed all the people

with inquisitiveness and faculty to ask questions,

in order that they might cause

change according to their choice.


That’s important quality and spiritual principle

reflected in the zone of expulsion;

He gives anybody chance

to return Home, into the Right Creation.


Anybody who originated in the Creator,

has in heart of hearts deeply stored

the whole experience related to that old scene,

which took place there, in friendly heavenly worlds.


Therefore also in this Darkness,

people cherish that LONG‑HELD DREAM,

the one which echoes only from the inside,

from the depth of one’s soul.


There sound fine tones,

predicating about warm relations with Angels,

kindness, beauty and grandeur,

joy, happiness and health.


I realize what that means for me;

homecoming may be chosen any time,

after getting experience with Darkness,

which imprinted itself in your mind.


I have decided to RETURN home,

back into Heaven, where dwell the Angels,

because I love the good

adorned with happy life.


Thus I harmonize my relations;

I shall strengthen the positive ones

and throw away negations smartly,

living just under the guidance of Light.


This was transmitted with love in heart

by Ashtar Sheran.“


I thank you, dear Ashtar;

with love and joy I shall deliver the message to all. Ivo.








2261. The wisdom of ages (636).              (Received Ivo A. Benda.)              March 19, 2005.

8:308:41 a. m. 

Place: The bus Ceska Lipa Prague.







„What outlasts hundreds of thousands of lives?

What value is comprised in man?

That is recorded in human deep inner reality

in heart of hearts.


Thus it always happened,

that everything what was experienced anywhere,

remained in the heart for good,

in order that man could be once risen to an Angel.


Dear one, therefore already wake up;

it is gradual process:

not at one go,

since you would not come through that flood of experienced truths.


Led by the Creator,

the beloved parent of child,

your heart of hearts will be opened in successive steps;

thus proceeds from that benefit also for you.


You shall discover there THE WISDOM OF AGES:

what is love and shadow,

what is good and truth;

you will distinguish falsehood easily.


This is the Creator’s Grace:

getting holistic approach to the inner reality,

utilizing the wisdom of ages

for the benefit of all entities in Creation.


After that you will appreciate

the meaning of your pilgrimage,

also across this planet Earth,

which puts you up on its surface.


In the wisdom of ages are reflected experiences

following from the hundreds of thousands of lives,

which have exposed for you the Right Spiritual principles

in the maze of blind alleys.


To wit, in contrasts dwells

THE TRUTH as pure as the driven snow;

the one who has experienced them powerfully,

has nothing more than clean chest.


This was transmitted with love in heart

by Ashtar Sheran.“


I thank you, dear Ashtar;

with love and joy I shall deliver the message to all. Ivo.







2262. Your face (637).                      (Received Ivo A. Benda.)                     March 19, 2005.

8:428:53 a. m. 

Place: The bus Ceska Lipa Prague.







„What ARE YOU, MAN ?

You have Creator’s Grace,

in order that once could be fully manifested,



When you get out of bed in the morning again,

another clear day dawns;

it is up to you how to arrange it,

and thus is reflected your face.


Nothing is more evident:

you have everything in hands;

there is no point in blaming others

and in making wry face after that.


This is the principle of life:

everybody has his choices,

which reverses unequivocally

like points at railway station.


Thus he sets rails

of his shift in life,

in many, thousands nuances,

upwards, into Light or Darkness.


Then happens only

what man himself had chosen,

by way of love or just mentally;

he underestimated the strength of neglected heart.


YOUR FACE is hidden

under mask of the unknown,

which will be taken off after well‑defined period of time,

and you will be identified.


Your face will tell you who you are

in Right or Dark worlds;

only here on the planet Earth

is not the true elicitation manifested.


With the view of causing great confusion,

the pseudocreators arranged,

that in face is not on the Earth reflected

true spiritual state.


This was transmitted with love in heart

by Ashtar Sheran.“


I thank you, dear Ashtar;

with love and joy I shall deliver the message to all. Ivo.




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